Initial consultations are free of charge, and sessions can be booked in packages of 1, 3 or 10. Each client is unique and programs are designed based on current fitness level, availability, goals, and budget. Whether you are a stay at home mom looking for a 20 minute routine you can do in your living room before the baby wakes up, a seasoned athlete looking for better performance in your sport, or somebody just looking to bring their fitness up a notch we can help you reach your goals.

Single session $60

3 Session package $175

10 Session Package $550

*prices do not include GST


We offer small group sessions that are a more affordable option than private training, and also deliver exceptional results! You also get the benefit of group energy, and peer support and motivation when you train with others.

 Training Schedule

Mon & Fri 8-9am

T/W/Th 7-9am

W/Th 4:30-6pm


$129/month up to 3x per week

$199/month unlimited group training and drop in yoga classes

*prices do not include gst

*no carry forwards. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hrs notice are forfeited

*Maximum 6 people per session, first come, first serve

*10% discount for annual memeberships

What our clients say:

"I am a runner and started Mary's 6 week health and fitness challenge. I tweaked my diet and added weights in and WOW results!! Very happy with how I feel and the overall body toning. Not to mention how its helped my running. I am finishing stronger and my recovery is faster. Best of all the classes are quick and down to business so you can fit in at the beginning or end of the day" - Roberta Sim


“I really am enjoying the class feeling stronger each week. It’s empowering to gain strength and it’s rewarding when you fit better into your clothes. Perfect quick training hit in am and then I have energy throughout day. Thanks Mary” - Caroline Taylor

"I loved learning how to get healthy with Mary. She is professional, fun, encouraging, and was very intuitive to my needs. Mary helped me get into a healthy pattern of strengthening my body and noticing what I eat. I feel strong and healthy. Thank you Mary!" - Giselle Hood