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STUDIO OWNER, RYT 300, Personal Trainer

Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Mary was inspired to open a studio in this beautiful seaside town close to nature as it feels like the perfect setting for self care.  Mary trained with Don and Amba Stapleton at the Nosara Yoga Institute completing the Interdisciplinary 200hr Certification in 2008 as well as the Advanced Yogi Educator 100hr Certification program in 2009.  In 2012 she became a certified Personal Trainer through BCRPA.  The following year she also became a certified Spin Cycle instructor also through BCRPA.  

Mary is the owner and founder of MYoga, which opened in February of 2008.  Before that Mary was a Chartered Insurance Professional holding a management position with The Co-operator's Insurance Agency, Gibsons office.  She has been practicing yoga for 13 years, has run 4 half marathons and several 10km races, has competed with INBF in the fitness model division, has worked in film and as a fitness model, and ran the Warrior Dash.  She has attended several self-development trainings such as Rapport International ~ Leadership Breakthrough 1 and The Haven ~ Come Alive.  Her practice continues to evolve, but the core teachings of yoga remain her driving inspiration and her key to helping students unlock their own physical, mental and emotional blocks.

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Ross McKeachie is a practitioner and teacher of Arkaya Yoga, Healing & Mindfulness which is rooted in classical Indian Yoga and traditional Tantra. He is also the Community Builder & Communications Director for Arkaya Awareness Centre. He has been given permission to work as a yoga facilitator, healer & coach by his teacher, Yogacharini Maitreyi, who is the founder of Arkaya. He is currently apprenticing with Maitreyi in training yoga teachers in both Vancouver and India. Ross has been practicing Yoga for 12 years and teaching for three and a half years. His classes are down to earth and fun, focused on cultivating awareness and harmony.

He also offers one on one and group sessions to those who wish to ease suffering, cultivate greater harmony, hone their vision and purpose and align with their highest potential. and


Lyne Lantaigne

B.Ed, BFA, CYA-E-RYT 550

For the past 18 years I have dedicated myself to the path of yoga and meditation. I approach teaching from a Yoga therapy perspective; a student-centered approach. With a background in education, I have taught languages and visual art.  My love of learning and deep inquiry is what fuels my yoga teaching. My intention is to create a space of loving awareness to facilitate students connecting with themselves on subtler levels through their body. Being, moving, and breathing consciously allows us to feel our connection to the goodness within us and the Universe. I guide you in a practice that harmonizes and heals your body, and allows you to feel whole.

I look forward to sharing this sacred journey with you!


Roxanne Sammartino

Roxanne feels that her life is always evolving and yoga has been a solid foundation which has helped her cultivate peace, clarity, and gratitude.

Roxanne began practicing yoga in 2002.  After completing her first teacher training (Kids Yoga) at Semperviva in 2014 she has continued to deepen her Yoga practice and expand the scope of her trainings.  Roxanne completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga By The Sea, 2014), Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Semperviva, 2015), Yoga Outreach Training (2015), and is presently enrolled in a 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga By The Sea). 

Roxanne’s goal is to help her students find and maintain a peaceful mind and body.  She emphasizes breathing and the power of being present to create connection with self and each moment. Yoga is more than poses; her wish is that with practice and intention her students will unfold not just on their mats but into their everyday lives. 

 “Life is a Divine Leela (play); Let’s embrace our differences, support each other through challenges, learn how to laugh at ourselves, and have gratitude for the gift of life around us.”


Erin Crawford

I used to live inside my head.  I was a master list-maker, (imperfect) perfectionist, and I operated at all times to control every experience in my life.  I was unhealthy: spiritually, emotionally, energetically, and mentally.  Looking back at this time in my life, I realize now that I was completely unaware of my living state of dis-ease.  For some reason, one day, I walked into a yoga studio.  Call it divine intervention, or just dumb luck; whatever this guiding force was, my first day on my mat was a re-birth.  A re-introduction to my body, my heart, and my spirit.  Everything changed for me with that first 75 minute practice, and continues to change each and every time I am present on my mat.  Now, as a teacher of yoga, I am doubly blessed.  The people that come to share space with me, to move, to breathe, to open our hearts together.. well, it's magic.  Sometimes the magic is subtle, barely detectable, and sometimes it is palpable; in laughter, in tears, in hugs.. regardless of how it shows up, the magic is always there.  And this is why I teach.  Let's come together and create a little more magic in the world.  


Tess Carter

B.A., M.Ed., Certified Professional Teacher, Diploma in Special Education for Health Practitioners. In 1970 I was given my Meditation Mantra from a Guru on Gabriola Island and have been meditating since. I spent a considerable portion of my life as an academic exercising my brain but not focusing on the heart. I took to yoga 15 years ago and have blended my love of inquiry with my devotion to the practice of yoga focusing on the Kripalu Lineage. I have completed a YTT 200 HR Program at Yoga by the Sea and am enrolled in the 300 hours under the guidance of Bhakti Yoga Master Hasu. When working with students I have an innate ability to observe the body and support growth and development. My classes focus on supporting students to work with asana (postures), breath (pranayama), and meditation (dharna) to allow prana (energy) to flow unbroken and freely in the body and sustaining optimum health. I am gentle and compassionate to the needs of my students, focusing on each individual's needs. This journey of yoga is full of wonder and magic and I am compelled to share this with my fellow humans.