Welcome to MYoga Health & Wellness Centre.


The practice of yoga honors a thousands of years old discipline of focusing awareness on the internal and gives us the opportunity to connect to ourselves in a way that most of our daily activities do not.  As such there are a few standard practices we include to help us go inward:

  • Our conversations before class begins are kept outside of practice space (please feel free to sit in our welcoming lobby for a cup of tea and quiet socializing) so that those in meditation aren't disturbed.

  • If sneezing, coughing or other cold/flu symptoms are present please refrain from attending classes and stay home to rest.

  • We practice in clean bare feet, and wear comfortable clothing that allows us to move and stretch. Layers are ideal to add extra warmth during svasana, or mellow practices.

  • We practice deep breathing in yoga, and as such it can be very overwhelming and distracting when somebody is wearing a heavy fragrance (be it perfume or scented deodorant, or no deodorant!). We are mindful that our scent does not impact others.

  • Keep all cell phones, keys, wallets etc are kept outside our practice space (Gray storage cubes in mat room). We have cubbies for shoes, hangers for jackets and valuables can be brought into mat room if preferred.

  • We practice yoga on an empty stomach and if necessary just a light snack beforehand as it can be very uncomfortable trying to twist or lay on our belly while digesting a heavy meal.

  • Teachers can adjust the temperature, curtains, music etc in the room. We advise the teacher if we are uncomfortable with any of these and avoid attempting to adjust ourselves.

  • Blankets are folded neatly, yoga mats are rolled tightly and we are very mindful to put our props away as we found them. Teacher's are always available to assist and we don't hesitate to ask!

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