When you work one on one with a trainer you get a program that is custom designed to your individual needs and goals - whether they are fat loss, sculpt and tone, athletic performance, mass building, rehabilitation, or maintenance. Personal Training is a process of working with you to design a program that is specific to YOU and works with your current fitness level building progression over time. 

You choose times that are convenient for your schedule, and you can do all your sessions with your trainer or take your program to another facility.  An effective exercise program takes into account much more than just burning calories; it teaches you how to train for the results you desire, how to fuel your body in an efficient and satisfying way, how to stick to your program without over-training, and develop a lifestyle that enhances every aspect of your life!

Sessions can be 30 - 60 minutes in packages of 4-10 sessions. Private and semi-private bookings available.  


We offer small group sessions that are a more affordable option than private training, and can also deliver exceptional results! You also get the benefit of group energy, and peer support and motivation when train with others.

 Times are: Mon 8-9am T/W/Th 7-9am & 4:30-6pm and Fri 8-9am.

 Cost: $129 + gst per month up to 3x per week

$179 + gst per month unlimited group training and drop in yoga classes