30 Day Challenge

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SCHEDULE March 2019 Challenge-page-001.jpg

30 Day Challenge


SADHANA - A ritual of dedication and daily commitment. 

Your 30 Days to Bliss begins with this agreement:

30 Day Yoga Challenge Contract for:________________

My purpose for this challenge is to move my body for one hour mindfully every single day; incorporating 5 days minimum community yoga practice per week.  To carry out this goal I will be fueling my body with prana rich foods, meditating 10 mins everyday, and creating a San Kalpa for my journey.  I will adhere to the following rules and guidelines of the challenge to the best of my ability:

1.        Minimum 5 weekly yoga classes at Myoga.  Ideally, 7 days per week but 2 can be at home, or at another studio if I’m away.  Since this challenge is about mindful movement, a Nidra practice would not count.  On days when I  practice Nidra, Yin, and Restorative type of classes I will also choose an hour of other activity (walking, running, hiking, weights, etc).  For home practice I may borrow from Myoga’s DVD library (limited to 2 day check outs).

2.       IF I HAVE to skip a day (I get the flu for example) I can double up the next day or during that week.  The idea is to move every single day so I will limit this option to ONCE throughout the challenge.  In extreme cases I may request an additional day by email to mary@myogapractice.com detailing my situation. 

3.       I  will be assigned a “BUDDY” to check in with daily.  It may be a simple IM or text message, or a phone call, or we may arrange to do a class together and lunch or coffee afterwards for example.   My buddy and I will be accountable to each other to make sure we stay on track! (My Buddy:______________________________)

4.       I will keep a journal to track my experience and record my journey/progress.  I will include 5 things I am grateful for every single day. 

5.       I will set my alarm 10 minutes early, and go to a spot in my home set up as my meditation space.  I will create an alter that supports my San Kalpa, and repeat my affirmation mantra (see point 12) for 10 minutes every day (If I need to choose another time of day to meditate I will keep it the same time each day).

6.       I will eat only PRANA rich foods for 30 Days.  This means no alcohol, no refined sugar, and no animal products.  Once a week I will choose a new recipe to try out ( yogajournal.com vegnews.com and ohsheglows.com)

7.        I will read, listen to and watch ONLY inspiring music, books, and tv/movies.

8.       I will tell 5 friends/family members about my challenge and ask for their support to keep me on track.

9.       My top 5 challenges for completing this challenge are(flip page over if necessary):




10.   My solutions for the above challenges are(flip page over if necessary):




11.   My top self sabotaging behaviour is:



12.   My affirmation mantra (San Kalpa) that reverses my self sabotaging behaviour is:  (For example, my behavior is hitting snooze every morning.  My San Kalpa is “I wake up delighted and excited to start the day”)


******Complete 30 Days of Yoga and you will automatically be entered to win one of 3 amazing PRIZES: A one month pass to Myoga ($129 + gst), A pair of Public Myth Leggings ($135 +gst), A Thai Massage with Mariel ($100 value)*****

SIGNED:________________________________    DATE:______________________

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