30 Day Challenge

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30 Day Challenge

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30 Day Challenge

SADHANA - A ritual of dedication and daily commitment. 

It's so easy to put our own self care at the bottom of the list especially when we have full time jobs, run our own business, and have a family to take care of at home. We neglect the things we know will make us happy because we fall into a trap of thinking our needs are not a priority.

This month’s challenge is about taking care of ourselves and reaching new heights in our health and wellness! Every single day you’ll spend time on your Sadhana (yoga, weights, and/or yoga). Whether you do this at the studio every day, or at home, or with others from our challenge group you’ll have the flexibility to complete this challenge on YOUR timetable! The idea is to practice an hour per day at minimum of these practices for the entire month. The intensity will vary person to person, and the combination of practices will vary. You may combine half an hour of resistance training with half an hour of walking for your days practice, or you may choose an hour of weights followed by an hour of yoga if you’re fitness level already has an established base.

You’ll be able to connect with other challengers to arrange outdoor cardio activities together (walking, hiking, tennis, swimming, running, hill sprints, bike riding, HIIT, dancing…any activity that brings your Heart Rate up!) via our Facebook group where you’ll also get great information on nutrition and meal planning, recipes, and helpful resources to dial in your performance and eat to fuel your goals!

Everyone is different, and each person’s journey is authentically their own. There is no cookie cutter plan that is appropriate for all. This challenge is about meeting each person’s needs and setting them up for success over the long term. Each challenge builds upon the last so that over the course of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and for the rest of their lives our challengers can enjoy the benefits of continual, healthy, and progressive training and nutrition.


Q: What is the cost?

A: We have two options available. Option 1 $129 + gst Option 2 $199 + gst

Option 1

Unlimited Yoga classes, access to our Facebook group, and a 20 minute full body resistance training routine to do at home on your own time.

Option 2

Unlimited Yoga classes, access to our Facebook group, and a 20 minute full body resistance training to do at home on your own time PLUS 3 weekly small group personal training sessions at your choice of 6am M/W/F (3 spots open), 7am T/W/Th (2 spots open) or 11:45am M/W/F (2 spots open).

Q: Can I skip a day?

A: There will be 4 rest day options to use throughout the month. These are optional and should only be used if necessary. Light activity once per week is recommended (Yin Yoga, a gentle walk) in place of a rest day.

Q: Do I need to practice a full hour everyday?

A: That is the goal - however that hour can be split into any combination of yoga, resistance/weight training and cardio. You may choose to do a full hour of yoga, or you may wish to do 20 mins weights, 20 mins yoga, and 20 mins cardio. It’s entirely up to you! For this challenge we recommend everyone starts with a minimum of 2 days of weights and 2 days of cardio per week (20-60 mins per session, progressing weekly up to 60 mins per session).

Q: Can I practice MORE than 60 minutes per day?

A: Absolutely! Conditioned athletes may practice an hour of weight training 5 days per week plus 45 minutes of cardio 5 days per week plus 1 hour of yoga 7 days per week! The key will be in adaptation, and this is where the challenge is unique to each person. When you sign up we will email you a questionnaire to give us an idea of where you are at currently and recommend a training split to suit your goals, schedule, and fitness level.

Q: Can I stick with 2 days of weights the whole month, and do cardio and yoga for the rest of it?

A: Yes! Again, this is tailored to each person. If your goals are to continue practicing yoga on a regular basis with a little bit of resistance work and cardio added this challenge is still perfect for you. If your goals are to build strength and muscle mass to rev up metabolism and tone and shape your body then more resistance training will be recommended.

Q: Can I invite a friend to join me?

A: Yes! If you bring a friend who is NEW to our studio we will give you a $20 referral cash bonus!

Q: When do I have to sign up by?

A: We will be accepting registration up to and including Monday, May 7th.

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