MYoga was founded in 2008, with the goal of helping students achieve inner peace and improved physical, mental and spiritual health through yoga.



MYoga Health and Wellness Centre now has TWO studios! One for Fitness, and one for Yoga.  We have 1 RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) and 1 Thai Massage Therapist.  We have 10 Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teachers and 1 BCRPA certified Personal Trainer.  We have a quiet Tea Lounge with access to health and wellness book library, a welcoming foyer where you can purchase yoga mats, props, apparel and other specialty items.

While this range of specialties allows us to offer a diverse range of services, our teachers and practitioners share one thing in common: a devotion to helping YOU unlock your full potential, through full body healing.



Mary continues to be a huge inspiration and motivation in my life. She has pushed me to sweat through hot yoga classes, guided me through slower meditative classes, pumped me up for 6am workouts, challenged me to commit to transformation, coached me on nutrition and taught me that quality comes before quantity in all that I do. Mary’s dedication to continuously support those around her and adapt her programs to an individual’s needs is admirable. She has an intuitive way of understanding her clients needs and is excited to help them achieve their goals. I believe that Mary does her work not only because she enjoys what she does, but because she truly wants to serve others and help them reach a higher potential. She is continuously creating new ways to challenge and strengthen my body that are both fun and exciting and for that I am very grateful.
— Tasa Chesterman


  • Wide Variety Crop in and Pre-Registered Yoga classes

  • Private Yoga Instruction

  • Personal Training and Group Strength Training

  • Nutritional Coaching & Meal Planning

  • Massage Therapy

Referral Policy

We love it when you invite your friends to join you, and word of mouth is our best advertising!  We want to thank you by offering the following savings when you refer a friend:

  • 10% off your next purchase of a 10 Punch Card when you refer a NEW (never visited our studio and lives in the Gibsons area) student who also buys a 10 Punch Card!

  • Individual Personal Training clients receive 1 complimentary session when you refer a NEW client who purchases a 10 or 20 session package.

  • Small Group Personal Training clients receive 20% discount on your next month's dues when you refer a NEW client who enrolls in a 3 month program.